Introducing: AI-driven Product Recommendations Widget

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There are a lot of market mechanisms that will allow you to increase customer engagement and boost your revenue – one of them being the product recommendation engine. At its core, it should analyze your website content and your customers' movement to provide them with the best product to suit their needs. However, many competitive solutions are platform-specific and involve complex configurations. Often you need to host the infrastructure behind them on your own and adjust the code so that it'll fit not only your needs, but your platform as well. Sounds complicated, right?

At OpenWidget, we aimed to change that. Keeping in mind that we want to help you build consistent customer journeys and enhance the online experience for you and your customers, we tackled this task with a thorough research and development process. And now, we are thrilled to introduce our free and powerful AI-driven Product Recommendations Widget.


What is the Product Recommendation Widget?

Product Recommendation Widget is a free customer service tool for e-commerce stores and other online ventures. It aims to help your customers choose a product that will fit their current needs perfectly, and it achieves that by displaying a set of three products that should match the interest of customers browsing through your website.

When developing a Product Recommenation Widget as a no-code solution, we wanted to put a clear and intuitive user experience at a forefront of our design. That's why we decided to go with a shape and size recognized by so many customers across the web – a bubble attached to the bottom right corner of your store. This design will match your website perfectly and, this is the most important part, your customers won't need to get familiar with a pattern and software they have never seen before. They are most likely busy already, so why bother them with something that will only complicate their experience? And once the products are ready to be recommended, OpenWidget's bubble will morph into a beautiful card, giving your customers exactly what they are looking for right at their fingertips

But how does it work?

It's quite simple! Whenever we detect that customers on your website are browsing through your store, we will analyze which product pages they went through. Once we have enough data, we will cross-check the browsing pattern against your online goods and recommend three products that should fit their current needs.

We're able to achieve this with the use of the algorithms that we developed in-house and combined with the AI model provided by OpenAI. And the best part is that we take care of all that for you – with our Product Recommendations Widget, we eliminate the need to develop and maintain your own AI model or host anything at your end. You also don't need to adjust the plugin so that it'll work specifically with your store, as is often the case with other solutions like this one.

Recommendations are displayed only once per browsing session, and they follow your customers throughout your store. But, if they are dismissed manually, we won't show them to your customers again, until they will visit your store again.


How will you know which products to recommend?

OpenWidget will know which products to recommend once you add the Product Recommendations Widget to your website and enable the feature in the OpenWidget application. But that's not all: when the recommendations are online, we will regurarly make sure that all of your products are up-to-date. We wouldn't like to miss any of new products added to your website! All of that is available to you for free, without any technical skills or knowledge required.

Here are a few key benefits of adding the Product Recommendations Widget to your store

  • Advanced AI Technology: With the combined power of OpenWidget and OpenAI, we are able to analyze your store efficiently and make sure that your customers will end up with recommendations that are based on their current interests. Amaze them with the effortless recommendations displayed right at their fingertips.
  • Universal Compatibility: Product Recommendations Widget works seamlessly with any e-commerce platform.
  • Easy Implementation: with simplified integration and configuration process, you will be up and running in no time.
  • No-code solution: you don't need to adjust the Widget to your store on your own or host anything on your side. Add OpenWidget to your website, and you are good to go!
  • Increased Sales: with tailored recommendations, you can encourage customers to explore more products and spend more time on your website, closing more sales in the process!

So, how to enable it on my website?

It is quite simple! To add the Product Recommendations Widget to your website, all you need to do is to:

  1. Log into your OpenWidget app.
  2. Go the the Add to website section and copy the snippet code generated for your account.
  3. If your store is based on WordPress, you don't need to edit your HTMl code manually. Instead, you can install our dedicated plugin for WordPress. If not, you can still add OpenWidget's snippet right before the closing </body> tag of your website's HTML code.
  4. We will need a moment to detect that the OpenWidget is installed on your website. Wait a few minutes and then go to the Product recommendations section of the app.
  5. While there, choose the store on which you'd like to enable recommendations and hit Set up.


And that's it! The process may take a while, but once we are ready to recommend products, we will send you an email with a confirmation – the email will be delivered to the address you used while creating the OpenWidget account.

If you still don't know how to add OpenWidget to your website, we're here to help! We prepared a dedicated article that will tell you how to add it to your site. Click here to check it out!
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