We Now Offer a Free WhatsApp Chat Widget for Your Website

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Don't have an OpenWidget account yet? Don't worry! We prepared a dedicated article that will guide you through the entire process. Click here to check it out!

We're thrilled to announce the latest addition to the OpenWidget family: our free WhatsApp Chat Widget for your website. Enhance your Customer Service and increase your overall sales by streamlining communication with your customers with one of the most popular messaging platforms out there.

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Benefits of Using WhatsApp Chat Widget on Your Website

Always Open for Chat:

With our WhatsApp Chat Widget situated in the corner of your website, your customers will never again get lost when trying to find a way to contact you. And as WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms, you can be sure that no customer will have a hard time reaching you.

Speedy Service, Happy Customers:

Gone are the days of delayed responses and missed opportunities. Thanks to WhatsApp's widespread popularity and availability across devices, you can now swoop in and help your customers from any place, whether you're on the go or parked in front of your desk. Talk about saving the day!

Save Your Time and Increase Your Sales:

Say goodbye to inbox overwhelm and hello to streamlined conversations! By embedding our free WhatsApp Widget on your website, you'll not only save precious time but also increase your overall sales. No more emails from customers that were lost somewhere among a ton of other topics – just smooth, seamless interactions on both desktop and mobile devices, leaving your customers satisfied and more likely to make a purchase.

How does it actually work?

Upon entering your website, the WhatsApp Chat Widget presents itself in the form of a welcoming card, extending an invitation for your customers to initiate a conversation via WhatsApp. Positioned at the bottom right corner by default, it seamlessly integrates with the visual appeal of your website. We also give you the option to adjust its placement to precisely where you prefer, through the OpenWidget Management App.

When the customer clicks on the Contact Us on WhatsApp button within the WhatsApp Widget, we promptly activate the WhatsApp application installed on the customer's device, facilitating a chat with the designated phone number provided during widget configuration. Ensuring responsiveness, the WhatsApp Chat Widget delivers optimal performance across both desktop and mobile platforms.

Visitors exploring your website can also activate a full-screen mode, granting access not only to WhatsApp chat initiation but also to additional features configurable within the OpenWidget Management App. These features include the Google Reviews Widget, ChatGPT integration for your website, and much more.

How to Configure and Add WhatsApp Chat Widget to a Website?

When designing our free WhatsApp Chat Widget for your website, we made sure that both the configuration and the installation were easy – you should be able to do it in just a few steps.

Gif representing the WhatsApp Widget Configuration

1. Sign up for a free OpenWidget account

First, sign up for a free OpenWidget account and go through the onboarding where you can configure your OpenWidget.

2. Configure your free WhatsApp Widget

Once your OpenWidget account setup is complete, navigate to the Widget content section within your OpenWidget management app, where you'll locate your WhatsApp Widget. From there, all that's required is to input a phone number associated with your WhatsApp account and save the changes.

3. Add a free WhatsApp Widget to your website

The procedure is easy – just copy the snippet code provided by OpenWidget, available in the Add to website section, and insert it into your website code just before the closing body tag. For assistance, we've crafted dedicated installation tutorials to walk you through the process of integrating OpenWidget into various popular Content Management Systems. Click here to check them out!

And that's it! With WhatsApp Widget by OpenWidget, your customers can start a chat with you on WhatsApp, right from your website – no matter if they're on their phones, or in front of their desktop devices. 

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