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2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

In this section, you can reduce repetitive questions with the FAQ module. How do you do this? It's easy!

We've done the hard part for you by analyzing dozens of FAQs available across different ecommerce websites and isolating three of the most popular questions that are asked most often:

  1. What is the average delivery time?
  2. Do you ship internationally?
  3. Can customers return products?

All you need to do is to answer those questions during the onboarding process. We will automatically generate a set of questions and answers, attaching them to the dedicated FAQ view in your widget. Now, whenever a lost soul clicks on the OpenWidget looking for answers, there's a good chance that the answer to the nagging question will be there.

And don't worry: we understand that you are the person who knows your customers best. That's why once the onboarding process is finished, you'll be able to add additional questions and answers and replace or change the predefined ones!

You can also disable the FAQ card altogether if that's not your cup of tea. Whatever the case, the Add FAQ module is now finished, and we can proceed to the next one.

Configure Product Cards in Promote products section

Don't have an OpenWidget account yet? Don't worry! We prepared a dedicated article that will guide you through the entire process. Click here to check it out!
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